Introducing our seasonal specialty awards and given that our next live event happens right before Halloween; get ready to root for the bad guy.

BEST HORROR MOVIE – Whether spooky, scary, supernatural, slasher, monsters, zombies, vampires, or just the creepy guy next door – any film that focuses on getting under the audience’s skin and getting them ready for Halloween is welcome here.

BEST FINAL GIRL – Ellen Ripley, Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson, Sidney Prescott, and all the other powerful women who end up coming out as the lone hero in the end; we’re calling you. If your film features a powerful female who survives to the end (whether as the sole survivor or not); we welcome her to the competition.

BEST VILLAIN – Get ready to root for the bad guy. Who doesn’t love a classic horror villain? We welcome baddies of all shapes and sizes here. Whether you have the next Freddy, Jason, Hannibal Lecter, Norman Bates, creepy kid, vampire, zombie, demon, or xenomorph; this is the category for them.

BEST DEATH SCENE – Of course; what scary movie wouldn’t be complete without a death scene or two? Whether sudden terrifying jump scare of a slasher attack, the gruesome deaths buried in the puzzles of Jigsaw, or the horrifying, tear-jerking death of a loved one – there is an art to an effective death scene. We welcome any and all here. (please let us know the time code when the scene begins that we should focus on)

Enter all those and our classic categories at

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